Registration guideline

1. Payment

Payment by wire transfer to Siam Commercial Bank

Account No.: 667-413691-2 Account Name: BMRC & I-BMRC

Registration fee

Please keep the payment transfer slip to attach in the registration system.

IBMRC Early Bird Within
August 31, 2021


  • Academic
  • Student
150  USD 250  USD
Attendee 100  USD 150  USD
2. Registration and payment–(Click Here)–

Register and attach the payment transfer slip in the registration system.

  • Presenter (Academics and Researchers / Graduate Student)
  • Attendee
3. Document proof

Staff will checking of document, then will sending your Username and Password use to Log-In the submission system.

4. Submission the article

Log-In to submit the articles

Note: Oral presentation in English only, the article should be done in our format and not exceed more than 15 pages.

5. Submission of final revised article

Submission of final revised article in the system.

6.Prepare to present

Prepare to present on Friday November 26, 2021.