The area for submit manuscript

1) Monodisciplinary

  • Brand Management research
  • Marketing management research
  • Consumer behavior management research
  • Financial management research
  • Accounting research
  • Organizational management research
  • Human resource management research
  • Entrepreneurship development research

2) Interdisciplinary

  • Cultural management research
  • Tourism management research
    1. Logistics management research
    2. Innovation management research
    3. Marine business research
    4. Environmental management research
    5. Business administration for development and sustainability research

3) Multidisciplinary

  • Information technology management
  • Organization management or real estate management projects
  • Organizational communication research
  • Corporate social responsibility research

4) Other related research topics

Types of manuscript

Types of manuscript divided into two type 1) Academic Paper and 2) Research Paper. People who interested in conference can submit a completed article which will be reviewed and selected by 2/3 experts to decide if the work meets with the conference requirements.

  • Paper will publish in proceeding required to submit a full abstract only (English only) the length of the article should not exceed more than 15 pages for oral presentation
  • For the delicate who wish to submit work their considering “Best Paper Award”, must select a series of presentations in oral presentation and submit a full completed paper to the conference committee only during the due date.